Under Sealed Orders - Hiram Alfred Cody

Title: Under Sealed Orders

Auteur: Hiram Alfred Cody

Date de sortie: 1948-01-01 08:00:00

ISBN: 510623868

Under Sealed Orders - Hiram Alfred Cody

It was evening and a late April wind was whipping down the valley. It swayed the tops of the tall pine and spruce trees as they shouldered up from the swift brook below. It tossed into driving spray the water of Break Neck Falls where it leaped one hundred feet below with a thundering roar and swirl. It tossed as well the thin grey hair, long beard, and thread-bare clothes of an old man standing upon a large rock which towered high above the stream. The entire scene was wild and made weird by the approach of night. But the old man did not seem to notice anything except the falling of the waters. His eyes glowed with an intense light as he kept them fixed upon the leaping and swirling columns below. His face was like the face of a lover turned toward the object of his affection.