The Cowboy Kiss (Romance Short Story) - Kristen James

Title: The Cowboy Kiss (Romance Short Story)

Auteur: Kristen James

Date de sortie: 2013-02-28 08:00:00

ISBN: 613905776

The Cowboy Kiss (Romance Short Story) - Kristen James

She’s a cutting-edge travel blogger—he’s a fishing guide with strong ties to their small hometown.

She thought they were arch enemies—he always thought they’d end up together.

Autumn grew up in her parents’ fishing resort in backwoods Oregon, listening to wild travel stories from around the world. Now she’s broken free and living her dream as a travel blogger, that is until her mom talks her into coming home and writing a blog about the Rugged Resort. Autumn’s very surprised to find Cory still there. He was the thorn in her side growing up, and now he’s buddy-buddy with her parents. She plans to write her blog and hit the road, but Cory has other ideas.