Shadows of the Past - Nona Mae King

Title: Shadows of the Past

Auteur: Nona Mae King

Date de sortie: 2013-04-10 07:00:00

ISBN: 658365400

Shadows of the Past - Nona Mae King

Have you never wondered who I am?

My life has been darkness and secrets. If I don’t confess them, they will surely eat of my soul and feast of my flesh. Look you here at these flames--the maw of the darkest depths of your imagination--and see my soul. Captured by the very fires of the Abyss. Bonded by the very injustices I first wanted to put right. Perhaps even the confession of my corruption won’t save me from where I’m intended to go. Where I should already be.

I was a tormentor of innocents as much as Kefka, and yet I’ve received a second and third chance to change my ways. I’ve been a fool to spit in the eye of the Fates and continue my spiral to that dark place. Now I fear it is too late. My past will never take me back.

*(this is a work of fan-fiction; events take place after those of Final Fantasy VI)

+includes the title 'Adventures of Youth'