Secret Chepstow - Louise Wyatt

Title: Secret Chepstow

Auteur: Louise Wyatt

Date de sortie: 2018-08-15 07:00:00

ISBN: 1434046039

Secret Chepstow - Louise Wyatt

Chepstowís location by a crossing of the River Wye, close to the Severn Estuary, has meant that the Monmouthshire town has always occupied a strategically important position. A Norman castle still stands above the town and until the 1960s the road bridge across the river was a major route between Wales and England, as was Brunelís Chepstow railway bridge across the Wye.??Secret Chepstow explores the history of the town from its early origins as an Iron Age Welsh settlement on the border with the Anglo-Saxon kingdom of Mercia, through the Norman invasion of the Welsh Marches and the construction of the castle, to the present day, revealing unusual stories, tucked-away historical buildings and remarkable characters along the way. It will appeal to all those with an interest in the history of this Monmouthshire town.