Sealed with a Kick - Zenina Masters

Title: Sealed with a Kick

Auteur: Zenina Masters

Date de sortie: 2016-07-08 07:00:00

ISBN: 1130608611

Sealed with a Kick - Zenina Masters

Stuck with an awkward beast and shunned by her own herd, Berry has to make some decisions on her own, and one of those is to find a mate.

Out of the gate, she decides to pursue a fey, but with years of defense under her belt, her means are not particularly usual. Arm wrestling in the bar seems like a good icebreaker, but the fey take it as a challenge to their masculinity, and things degrade from there.

Ashko is offered the chance at a mate, and it only takes an hour for him to decide. He heads to the Crossroads to find his lady and, instead, finds himself competing for her attention from across the table. A win, a kiss and the courtship has begun.