Major Eraser and The Clean-Up Crew - Gary Joel Chapple

Title: Major Eraser and The Clean-Up Crew

Auteur: Gary Joel Chapple

Date de sortie: 2019-05-06 07:00:00

ISBN: 1462658589

Major Eraser and The Clean-Up Crew - Gary Joel Chapple

To love and be loved, with The God type of love, is the adventure of life, that is waiting for every person to travel. This book helps to provide delightful insight into the key of the purpose of our existence. We are called to know GOD, love GOD, and love each other.  

The Bible teaches us to remember our Creator, in the days of our youth, before the evil days come along, and attempt to carry us away to ungodly lifestyles. This book reveals to us, that young people can and should serve The Lord, even in their youthful days. Jesus Christ, has taught us, that we should always allow the “Little Children” to come to Him.

Martin, aka, Major Eraser, responds to a divine call, that The Lord planned for his life. A godly Army, of love and power is brought together by The Lord Jesus, with a young boy, in a position of leadership. The Lord God, also sends two special animals to be part of this Army, of “Major Eraser, and the Clean-Up Crew.”