Just a Little Sequel - Tracie Puckett

Title: Just a Little Sequel

Auteur: Tracie Puckett

Date de sortie: 2013-10-03 07:00:00

ISBN: 682016801

Just a Little Sequel - Tracie Puckett

It’s one year, two months, and five days later, and Julie is still dealing with a lot of doubt. Finally having her Uncle Charlie’s blessing, she’s eager to move forward in her relationship with Luke. But something’s up with her adoring boyfriend, and she can’t quite decipher his odd behavior. And Luke’s only the beginning of her problems: Matt’s moved home from college with a big secret, her best friend is growing up too fast for her liking, and Charlie is refusing to loosen his grip. With the sudden and strange tension growing between Charlie and Luke, Julie begins to question a lot, and her doubt only grows deeper. She’s been praying for her happily ever after from the beginning, but she soon learns that getting that happy ending isn’t as easy as it seems.