Pearls of Human Society - Yash, Pandya

Title: Pearls of Human Society

Auteur: Yash, Pandya

Date de sortie: 2016-06-01 07:00:00

ISBN: 1122331371

Pearls of Human Society - Yash, Pandya

The “human being” is an interesting creation. From our most basic desires to complex aspirations, our personalities embody a variety of conceptualizations that have been polished over centuries of existence. However, what exactly is the basis of these beliefs? Is there a way for us to truly understand who we are and embark on a life that is worth celebrating?

This piece represents a novel approach into the field of human understanding. By adopting a unique perspective that allows readers to self-reflect in a patient and guided manner, it strikes at the heart of questions and concepts that intrigue us all. From the sentiments of fear and expectations to the rarity of perspective and consideration, key entities are addressed in order to expose their value in a modern society. The concepts are presented to be analyzed and used efficiently with the goal of personal development as well as an open mindedness for change.

Illustrating a fastidious undertaking that strives to clarify the complexity of the subject matter, some of the most crucial issues are broached in considerable depth, exposing simple yet profound aspects of human life. Rather than being specialized for any particular readers, the book has been designed to be openly received by everyone, prompting us all to look in the mirror and ask – what can I do to refine my existence?