His Baby Bond - Lee Tobin McClain

Title: His Baby Bond

Auteur: Lee Tobin McClain

Date de sortie: 2014-11-14 08:00:00

ISBN: 938983984

His Baby Bond - Lee Tobin McClain

Battle for a Baby . . .
Poor-but-proud Kendra Forrester doesn’t need an arrogant millionaire to tell her how to raise her sister’s baby. But when handsome Zeke King arrives at her Colorado cabin demanding custody of his brother’s child, strategy dictates that she let him stick around.
Battling mountain weather and the baby’s illness brings these two opposites together, but their own insecurities, their dead siblings’ secrets, and a jealous former boyfriend threaten their tentative bond.
Only the Lord and the Sacred Bond Brotherhood can help Kendra and Zeke form a family for their baby.