Eraser of Earth - Nicholas Stillman

Title: Eraser of Earth

Auteur: Nicholas Stillman

Date de sortie: 2015-11-25 08:00:00

ISBN: 1064512709

Eraser of Earth - Nicholas Stillman

An alien time bomb set to destroy Earth appears in Alvin's humble garden. Alvin doesn't care. Hordes of government officials can't make him care, and the baseball-sized bomb looks great by his cabbage. Alvin, a hermitical physics TA, happens to like baseball. And when irascible agents mess with his corn stalks, he may actually side with the annihilators.

The time bomb uses time travel to keep Alvin near and humanity far—just not far enough to stifle the pesky agents. Their hotheadedness plus Alvin's coolheadedness makes the ideal team for diffusing the bomb. But the same nightmarish abuse has deadened them all. Has something beat the aliens at ruining mankind already? Only Alvin knows, and he must choose to either save the dystopian Earth or sabotage it.

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