Disturbances in the Field - Lynne Sharon Schwartz

Title: Disturbances in the Field

Auteur: Lynne Sharon Schwartz

Date de sortie: 2012-11-20 08:00:00

ISBN: 576874138

Disturbances in the Field - Lynne Sharon Schwartz

“A more-than-welcome return to a classic idea of the novel . . . A wonder to read” (Los Angeles Times Book Review).
 The field is all around us. It’s our needs and our wants. This is what George tells Lydia. A disturbance, however, is something that keeps us from grasping and attaining the things we need. Usually, we can adapt to these disturbances and move forward. But, what happens if a disturbance becomes too great to move past? In this entrancing tale of loss and understanding, acclaimed author Lynne Sharon Schwartz plots the course of a woman’s life, through the cycles of love, loss, and acceptance. Lydia’s early life is marked by calm constants: a house in Cape Cod, a philosophy group in college. These remain her touchstones as she becomes a busy wife, mother, and music teacher. But when her family’s world is suddenly shattered, she struggles to regain her equilibrium. Will she be able to find her way in such a radically altered field?