Branded in Oasis - Verna Clay

Title: Branded in Oasis

Auteur: Verna Clay

Date de sortie: 2015-04-06 07:00:00

ISBN: 983397154

Branded in Oasis - Verna Clay

Kade Blackwell meets his match in Skylar (Skye) Rutherford. Skye is a successful photographer and Kade is...well...he could be the next supermodel if Skye has her way. Kade owns the local auto repair garage in the tiny desert town of Oasis and his passion is customizing motorcycles. He has no inclination to become a supermodel until he suddenly finds himself in need of funds for something very, very important.

Skylar Rutherford has a passion for photography, so when she meets a man so perfectly molded by God, she knows that her connections could make him the next famous and rich supermodel. The trouble is, he wants nothing to do with her or her camera. He only seeks her out after suddenly finding himself in need of a lot of cash.