Branded a Coward - Robert O' Hanlin

Title: Branded a Coward

Auteur: Robert O' Hanlin

Date de sortie: 2015-08-29 07:00:00

ISBN: 1035520470

Branded a Coward - Robert O' Hanlin

Beau Lewis was the last of Custer's Seventh Calvary but he was not honored as such...he was branded a coward. He had ridden with Custer through the Civil War and now into the Indian wars but being the only survivor was not the honor he wanted, and not the honor he received. He was a soldier and that was what he did best, but now he lost all that and the love of his life. He was charged with desertion under fire by an army Court Marshal. Being on the run from the army was hard enough but being on the run from himself was almost impossible.
He had to prove his innocence and rebuild his life, but the odds were against him...until he met a very unique woman. The white man was against him and the Indians were against him, but she stood by his side and gave him the faith and love he needed to continue his search for the truth.
The army and the bounty hunters were dogging him at every turn and he was a man fighting for his life, butt was a life that didn't mean much as long as he lived under the dark cloud of cowardice. He was hoping that the truth was somewhere in the camp of Red Cloud but finding that truth meant going into that camp and coming out alive.
The army was too busy with the Indian war to hunt him, but the Billings family was not. Old Amos Billings was a mean man and his offspring were cut from the same cloth and the price on Beau's head was enough to keep their attention. They were drifters, gypsies of the plains, who had no qualms in breaking the law to make a living, but when they snatched the woman that Beau loved they made a bad decision.
They wanted to make a trade for her, all he had to do was give himself up to them, but he knew that there was no way they would let either of them live. He also knew that there would be a lot of killing but he was prepared for that as he rode alone into the rolling hills.