A Whisper of Life - Gloria Cook

Title: A Whisper of Life

Auteur: Gloria Cook

Date de sortie: 2018-02-12 08:00:00

ISBN: 1337706981

A Whisper of Life - Gloria Cook

Can love heal the wounds of war?

It is 1948, and the village of Hennaford is struggling to recover from the war – the Harvey family along with it.

Johnny Harvey is disillusioned; injured in the war and disturbed at the changing society; life seems to be passing him by. Jill Harvey, finally pregnant after four years of marriage, befriends sixteen-year-old Tess Viant, crippled with polio and abandoned by her family. Tess, left behind by society, might just prove her worth when something threatens the life of Jill’s unborn child…

The stunning final book of the Harvey Family Sagas. Perfect for fans of Kitty Neale, Margaret Dickinson and Mary Gibson