A Very Accidental Love Story - Claudia Carroll

Title: A Very Accidental Love Story

Auteur: Claudia Carroll

Date de sortie: 2019-01-15 08:00:00

ISBN: 1424397892

A Very Accidental Love Story - Claudia Carroll

An original, funny and poignant story about those things in life that you just can't plan for...

Eloise Elliot is one of Dublin's youngest newspaper editors. Respected and revered by her peers, she's at the very top of her game.

On the eve of her thirtieth birthday, Eloise is hit by a long, sharp pang of loneliness and realises she craves to be a mother.

Three years on, after a successful trip to the sperm bank, Eloise is now the adoring, yet fraught single mother to Lily.

But panic sets in when Lily starts asking about her 'daddy' and Eloise if left with no choice but to try and find him. What could possibly go wrong? Perfect for the fans of Marian Keyes.