Night of the Sexual Predator - Monica Silvers & Ray Silvers

Title: Night of the Sexual Predator

Auteur: Monica Silvers & Ray Silvers

Date de sortie: 2011-11-04 07:00:00

ISBN: 481016738

Night of the Sexual Predator - Monica Silvers & Ray Silvers

I could sense the gathering of the storm clouds. The winds of disaster began to blow through me with a cold chill. I could imagine the ugly thunderheads billowing skyward on the distant horizon, but I was totally unprepared for the bolt of lightning the sexual predator, Carl, would soon deliver, changing my life forever.
It had begun. This was like an omen. I could feel there was something very wrong with Carl. I felt ill at ease around him and the other guys.

I tried to keep to myself and just do my work. I knew all of them and was cordial to them, but they were always talking about how they could get rid of anyone on the shift they wanted gone. I felt that I got along with them okay, but deep down knew they did not like women on that crew.

The store was locked after 10 o'clock and the only people inside were the night crew. It was always very quiet. When someone talked you could hear them all over the store...