A Married Woman - Manju Kapur

Title: A Married Woman

Auteur: Manju Kapur

Date de sortie: 2014-05-20 07:00:00

ISBN: 868495530

A Married Woman - Manju Kapur

A woman in an arranged marriage is liberated by a desire that threatens her family and future

An only child raised to become a dutiful wife, Astha is filled with unnamed longings and untapped potential. In the privacy of her middle-class Indian home, she dreams of the lover who will touch her soul. But her future was mapped out long ago: betrothal to a man with impeccable credentials, with motherhood to follow.

At first, Astha’s arranged union with handsome, worldly Hemant brings her great joy and passion. But even after bearing him a son and daughter, she remains unfulfilled. Her search for meaning takes her into a world of art and activism . . . and a relationship that could bring her the love and freedom she desires. But at what cost to her marriage and family?