A Labour of Love - Anne Baker

Title: A Labour of Love

Auteur: Anne Baker

Date de sortie: 2010-12-09 08:00:00

ISBN: 826651790

A Labour of Love - Anne Baker

Two young people come face to face with the trials and tribulations of life and love.

Anne Baker's A Labour of Love is a heart-warming saga of family ties, romance and finding true happiness. Perfect for fans of Katie Flynn and Cathy Sharp.

It's 1980s Merseyside and teenage cousins Sophie and Charlie are at a turning point in each of their lives. Sophie, seventeen years old and stunning, falls in love with Darrell, the school caretaker, who has plans to make it big with his rock band. But when Sophie discovers that she's pregnant, her relationship with Darrell comes to an end. Though happiness is on the horizon for Sophie, it will take her time to realise who she is destined to be with. Charlie, eighteen and having struggled at school, is unhappy in his job as a chef. With Sophie's help, Charlie joins the family business with surprising results...

What readers are saying about A Labour of Love:

'This book... covers many dramatic, traumatic and unexpected events. I very much wanted to know what would happen next and how the characters would find their way ahead. It was a very thought-provoking read'

'As ever, Anne Baker's book A Labour of Love is a brilliant read... it is awe inspiring'