A Dozen Black Roses - Nancy A. Collins

Title: A Dozen Black Roses

Auteur: Nancy A. Collins

Date de sortie: 2015-07-07 07:00:00

ISBN: 996279798

A Dozen Black Roses - Nancy A. Collins

In a city called Deadtown, a vampire sets out to destroy her own

As the convenience store doors close behind him, DeShawn can already hear the sirens. He sprints down the street, clutching his meager haul, but the police are gaining on him. He turns the corner onto a cobblestoned alley and the sirens stop. The police have turned back, and for a moment, DeShawn feels lucky. It doesn’t last. A crawling man leaps up from the shadows, wraps his arms around DeShawn’s neck, and feeds on his blood. Welcome to Deadtown.
A city within a city where the undead roam free, Deadtown is dangerous for humans and vampires alike. As a gang war rages between the old guard and the new, Deadtown’s innocents are caught in the crossfire. Only Sonja Blue can save them. A vampire with a sense of justice, she will play both ends against the middle to save Deadtown—or else burn it to the ground.