A Day in the Life of a Muslim Child - Darussalam Publishers

Title: A Day in the Life of a Muslim Child

Auteur: Darussalam Publishers

Date de sortie: 2010-01-27 08:00:00

ISBN: 807392240

A Day in the Life of a Muslim Child - Darussalam Publishers

‘A Day in The Life of a Muslim Child’ is a nice tutorial book by Darussalam Publishers. Aimed at teaching Muslim kids how to spend their days, the book is an ideal daily life guide. It explains everything right from waking up till going to the bed at night. In addition, all important supplications for different occasions/times are provided, so that kids start memorizing them from early stages of their life. What to recite after waking up, before entering/leaving the restroom, before/after eating, taking on/off clothes, and much more is available. Parents and guardians will find this 64 pages guide as a handy tool in brought-up of their kids in Islamic way.

Salient Features:
• 64 pages brief and comprehensive guide
• Daily-life supplications with translation
• Simple and easy to understand English
• Duas and Supplications in both Arabic and English languages
• Supportive images for explanation 

Observing popularity and need of the book, Darussalam Publishers has converted it in digital format. Now, you can obtain it as e-book and make it an essential item of your kid’s e-reader.