A Baby of Her Own - Brenda Novak

Title: A Baby of Her Own

Auteur: Brenda Novak

Date de sortie: 2009-05-01 07:00:00

ISBN: 546798355

A Baby of Her Own - Brenda Novak

What Delaney wants…is a baby. A baby of her own. At thirty, she
longs to break away from the constraints of her life. Longs to reach
out for her heart's desire. She'd prefer marriage as well, but there's
no man in Dundee, Idaho, she's interested in marrying.

Then one winter night she and her best friend, Rebecca, go to Boise
with the intent of finding a man for Delaney. She meets a handsome
stranger named Conner, a man who might be able to provide her with the
solution she needs…and the baby she wants!

Afterward she thinks she must have been out of her mind. But it's too
late. Because she's pregnant. And because the stranger isn't a
stranger anymore. Conner Armstrong is now living on a ranch just
outside Dundee.