A Baby for Kristos: The Greek Tycoon's Surprise - Holly Rayner

Title: A Baby for Kristos: The Greek Tycoon's Surprise

Auteur: Holly Rayner

Date de sortie: 2017-01-31 08:00:00

ISBN: 1202930084

A Baby for Kristos: The Greek Tycoon's Surprise - Holly Rayner

Emma Johnson is a participant on the staged and superficial reality TV show, Date Roulette, and she sure isn’t looking forward to it. After a furious altercation with the show’s producer – debonair Greek billionaire Kristos Metroupolos – she’s dismayed to learn that he’s her mystery suitor, and has to pretend to enjoy dating him for the cameras.

To their surprise however, the staged ‘date’ goes surprisingly well, and Emma finds herself ensnared by the tycoon’s beguiling charm. Their fake TV romance ends in a very real encounter she won’t ever forget, and it will change their lives forever…

Sure enough, Emma soon realizes she’s pregnant, but after fighting for her Greek ex-lover’s attention, he’s shocked and hurt by the revelation! Scarred by past experiences, and believing Emma to be little more than a gold-digger aiming to tarnish his reputation, Kristos makes her an offer: hand the baby over to him, with no publicity and no questions, for a huge cash sum.

Emma surely can’t give away her only child, and a chance to make a life with the man she loves, can she?

This is a standalone Greek billionaire romance novel from best-selling author Holly Rayner. It contains a guaranteed HEA, and a tale of romance that will capture your heart. As an added gift, it also contains the first few chapters of Holly Rayner's prior novel, The Sheikh’s Accidental Bride.