36 Hours - Allison Brennan

Title: 36 Hours

Auteur: Allison Brennan

Date de sortie: 2013-12-16 08:00:00

ISBN: 763691670

36 Hours - Allison Brennan


Street smart teenager Angel Saldana, running from a gang who wants her dead because she witnessed a brutal murder, is desperate and alone--until her father, an ex-cop turned bounty hunter, walks into her life for the first time. 


When Jake Morrison saves her life, Angel has no choice except to trust him--but trust doesn't come easy when everyone else has let her down. Not only does the gang want her dead, but the cops think she killed one of their own--and Jake may be the only person who can keep her alive long enough to testify. 

36 HOURS, a 25,000 word novella, was originally published in the anthology I Never Thought I’d See You Again. 

Praise for New York Times Bestselling Author Allison Brennan 

"Fast, fierce fun. Brennan knows how to deliver." -- New York Times bestseller Lisa Gardner 

"When you pick up a Brennan novel, you know you're in for a wild ride that will scare you silly." -- RT Book Reviews 

"Brennan does murder better than almost everyone writing in the suspense genre." -- Armchair Interviews 

"Brennan is a master of suspense ... tops in the genre." -- RT Book Reviews