20 Hours to Charles Town - Charlotte Henley Babb

Title: 20 Hours to Charles Town

Auteur: Charlotte Henley Babb

Date de sortie: 2019-04-30 07:00:00

ISBN: 1069788962

20 Hours to Charles Town - Charlotte Henley Babb

When Madame Elvira O'Sullivan plans a scheme to expand her information network across all the colonies of 1855 British America, Liberia, Florida, Louisiana and Mexico. Her partner and lover, Zulie Dahomey, warns against moving from a luxury cruise for the wealthiest tycoons to the larger pond of international intrigue, but Elvira's mind is set on expanding her network and her range across the Appalachians into First Nations territory using new technology discovered by Texas, to reach California and the gold fields.

But an operative from the Mauverton Detective Agency that has been trying to infiltrate her business network comes to her begging asylum from his employers. Can she root out the secrets held by her clients, manage a hoodoo, and deliver all the colonial ambassadors to Charles Town in time to prevent an international incident, or will she lose it all including the love of her life?