1973 - James Farner

Title: 1973

Auteur: James Farner

Date de sortie: 2015-02-15 08:00:00

ISBN: 972165818

1973 - James Farner

Twenty-year-old Richard Warren is on the cusp of success. As one of Britain Today’s leading young political journalists, power and influence is his. Under the shadow of increasing violence between the IRA in Ireland and the Cod Wars in Icelandic waters, Richard has stepped onto foundations built from sand.

With success in his grip, the newly promoted Chief Constable of Newcastle has his claws locked on Richard’s neck. When family pressures back home in Ledder Bridge appear on the horizon, Richard is trapped between the wants of those above and the needs of those closest to him. Will Richard be able to walk this line or is this one year too long?

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