100 XIV - Jerry Seguin & Sean Dryden

Title: 100 XIV

Auteur: Jerry Seguin & Sean Dryden

Date de sortie: 2013-12-31 08:00:00

ISBN: 784865498

100 XIV - Jerry Seguin & Sean Dryden

Jerry Seguin is an artist and designer residing in the Bay Area of California. The book is a culmination of work, most of it recent, but going back as far as fourteen years. The works are mixed media, mostly of objects and found images restructured. Things often discarded are given a new life and context. He's interested in the chemistry that happens when found images are altered or combined with other materials.

As a collection, 100 XIV becomes a reflection of our own lives as much as it represents the artist's experience. With the turn of each page you're confronted with a face, a situation, an object reinterpreted. Past becomes just as relevant as present, the future is yesterday. You are now, and so is the book in your hands. We are all tied to our memories.